Tuesday, August 18, 2015

City Limits Digs into Moaning Mona Davids Scam Organization

Finally, the press took a look into the phony Moaning Mona NYC Parent Union - I remove the plural - it consists of Moaning and her fellow idiot in crime, Sam Pirozzolo. Good work City Limits - but there is more to do to expose these frauds. Mona turned on the UFT when they no longer gave her money - is there any kooky org the UFT did not shovel money at?
Given the lack of public information about the group, it's hard to confirm anything about its finances.... Davids cut short efforts to discuss her organization and her background..."Talk to Sam," Davids told a reporter when asked for more specifics about her work, referring to the Parents Union vice president, but phone calls, emails and messages through Twitter to Pirozzolo were not returned....
the group's executive board went radio silent when a reporter requested evidence of the group's membership roll and information on its funding.
Reached by phone while on vacation in Florida, the Union's founder and president Mona Davids acknowledged that the four-year-old advocacy group was not listed on Guidestar, an online public register of nonprofits and advocacy groups, nor at CharitiesNYC.org, the New York State Attorney General's website of state nonprofits. ...Who Exactly is the New York City Parents Union? - City Limits
Noah Gotbaum, who was briefly an ally of Moaning Mona before she alienated him and just about everyone else, had this comment at City Limits web site:
Thank you for doing this piece. It's about time someone outed this group which is nothing more than two angry I ndividuals who realize they can get more press and money by attacking and suing the DOE and the teachers union than by taking their funding - as Ms Davids used to do. The group should be called the New York City Parent Union since their membership is in the single digits. 9000 members? They cant verify NINE active members - unless one counts as members those of us who subscribe to their email link to see what anti public education vitriol they create in the name of their hedge fund masters. This is a two person organization without an iota of grassroots support which helps Rupert Murdoch and other so called Ed Refromers pretend that parents support their privatization efforts - which we do not. Please push further and get to the bottom of this completely phony "parent" group. 

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