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UPDATED - Randi's Joke About Democracy as AFT Deposes Florida Local President & Board Over Lack of

I missed Perdido Street's more extensive coverage of this story, a must read. 

Randi Weingarten Engineers A Putsch In A Florida Local Union

Over the years Ed Notes and Mike Antonucci have reported on Randi's takeovers -- just too much in a rush to get you the links.

Here is my original post from earlier focused on Antonucci's story.

In the name of “holding sacrosanct the democratic rights of its members,” the American Federation of Teachers removed from office the duly elected officers and representatives of the Orange County Classroom Teachers Association (OCCTA) and placed a national administrator in sole charge.... Mike Antonucci, EIA, Intercepts Blog

Mike can be a jokester -- this one is a real knee slapper:
In an e-mail to OCCTA members, AFT president Randi Weingarten specifically named OCCTA president Diana Moore as the cause of “repeated and deliberate anti-democratic violations of local bylaws and governance policies,” particularly those “to protect against the concentration of power in any one individual.”
Poor Diana Moore, getting chopped by Randi for concentrating too much power is like Cuomo charging de Blasio with abuse of power.

Back in June Mike commented:
The Florida Education Association believes local president Diana Moore and her supporters are “coalescing control of the union in themselves at the unfortunate cost of a democratic union.” If that’s the standard then there will be an awful lot more trusteeships to come.
Hmmmm --- the UFT? If Moore goes to court she might as well cite the union Randi ran for a decade. You know Moore's mistake? Not creating a faux opposition party to give the illusion of bi-partisan democracy.

Mike's full report with links:

AFT Deposes Florida Local President & Board

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  1. Will Randi depose herself next?

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