Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hardcore Chapter Leader/Delegate Training Today! (Thurs, 8/20, 4-7pm)

I know I blew this horn yesterday - but even if you are not a CL but want to assist in some way in your school, this is also for you. How to get your colleaugues involved so the entire burden doesn't fall on you? The UFT leadership downplays this because they want all the power and control in the hands of one person so they can manage that person more easily and woo them to the Unity line. They only want people mobilized on certain occasions when they need them - it is always about the issues the leadership wants to push - never about the members' needs. Having a CL who consults and runs a democratic chapter is a threat to the Unity Caucus control.

By the way, have you noticed all these scandals with OSI and how our true champion, Leonie Haimson has been out there exposing them while the UFT leadership has been weak - at best. Too many teachers have told me that when they complained to the union the next thing they knew they were being called into the principal's office- and some found the district rep hanging out with the principal, apparently a pal of some sort.
For at least a a decade, hundreds of less heralded individuals have complained about their unfair treatment by DOE investigators assigned to the OSI. It shouldn’t take news stories repeated over the course of many months, in the NY Times and the Daily News, as happened in Fisher’s case, or in the NY Post, Daily News and WCBS-TV, as in the Dewey credit recovery scandal, for obvious wrongs to students and teachers to be righted by DOE.  
Worse yet, the Chancellor has kept the same incompetent legal staff running the General Counsel’s office, as well as the same officials running the Division of Contracts, which during the Bloomberg administration allowed literally hundreds of millions of dollars to be wasted or stolen from DOE. ......

How the Chancellor and Mayor have allowed DOE's reputation to be sullied by refusing to clean house

Yes, dealing with a corrupt OSI will be on the agenda if people want to deal with it --- go after them if they come after you by telling parents and others about their history - make whatever they do suspect.
I believe there are times for total war and people need to know when to use that option and how to use it effectively.
Here is the MORE final announcement - though we are planning a fall part 3.
It doesn't matter whether or not you came to Part I, join MORE-UFT on August 20th to add to and hone the tools in your teacher activist tool belt. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, network and socialize with your colleagues, and learn about the nuts and bolts of standing up for students and educators in an educational system gone mad.

Some of the city's most accomplished UFT Chapter Leaders will train you on what you need to know to be a leader within your building and in the city at large, whether you are a new or experienced CL, Delegate, Para Rep, SLT/Consultation Committee member, or just an educator who wants to make a positive impact on your school.
The nuts and bolts of leading your chapter, running chapter meetings, working with parents on PTA/SLTs, and holding consultation meetings.
Newly elected or just looking to develop new skills, this is your opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced and best chapter leaders in NYC. We will help you develop tools for building an active chapter that will work together to strengthen the UFT in your school.

The Dark Horse
17 Murray St. NYC, Near City Hall/Chambers St./WTC
Drink specials: $4 drafts, $6 well drinks & $7 wine

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