Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday With Susan (Ohanian)

Yummy - new content from Susan. Her comments are what make these stories so yummy. Click on the links.
Nancy Bailey hit to the bone with 'Common Core and Close Reading: Shouldn’t College Work Stay in College?' I put her piece up on Twitter and it was passed on. A lot.

There's actually a Good News item, one that pulls at the heartstrings: Good boy, good adult mentor, good world sharing books.

I am not religious but every year I donate  to Camp Agape VT. Their mission is to provide a week of Christian camping to children who have a parent locked up in the Vermont correctional system. My understanding is that they give each camper a pack of books of high interest, a Bible, and a fishing pole. Who could top that?

Of course we have a couple of new cartoons. Check out:


On to the Revolution,

For the sake of the children, REFUSE!

To the editor
Susan Ohanian
New York Times

The New York Times film critic is more observant of kindergartners' needs than is the editorial board.

Who's In Charge?
Kate Taylor with Ohanian comment
New York Times

Dirty money goes with dirty pedagogy.

Groups That Back Bloomberg's Education Agenda Enjoy Success in Albany
Kate Taylor
New York Times

Although this article is about the big money influencing New York City education policy,the story--and the money--certainly is not unique to New York.

Utah boy reading junk mail gets thousands of books after mailman's plea goes viral
ABC via Publishers Weekly

Here's a nice story about a mailman who noticed a kid needed some books.

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