Friday, May 12, 2017

CPE1 Chapter Leader Marilyn Martinez CLEARED of ALL CHARGES - Estrella and Garg Should be Removed Immediately for Criminal Act

After a baseless and retaliatory investigation and termination hearing based on trumped up charges, Central Park East 1 teacher (and union chapter chair), Marilyn Martinez, was CLEARED OF ALL CHARGES! This is an extremely rare decision as only 4% of NYC teachers who go through these hearings are fully exonerated. But we need your help to tell the Mayor that the DOE needs to bring Marilyn back to her classroom immediately and that the campaign of harassment against teachers and parents must be stopped.... #Savecpe1 committee,
Let's remember that Marilyn was suddenly removed from the classroom by the District 4 Elementary and middle school superintendent: Alexandra Estrella, (212) 348-2873. In an unprecedented move she was brought up on 3020a charges to fire her just a few weeks later which brought out an enormous parent response at her hearings. (And for those NYSUT lawyer bashers, she used one.)

How about that CSA call for the DOE to support yet another lying principal (YALP)? CSA Calls Abusive Principal Garg "an outstanding educator".)  Shame on the so-called union that supports attacks on other union members. The UFT should cut all relations and cooperation with these slugs.

Just think of it -- little kids, some with special needs, suddenly were cut off from the teacher who had given them so much support so early in their school lives -- one of the very best and dedicated teachers you can find -- the kind of teacher who writes 10 page individual analysis and reports for each child in addition to creating a vibrant classroom experience. I consider this a criminal act --- administrative and educational malpractice at the very least.

Also think of those 3 untenured teachers and 4 parents who showed up at the UFT Ex Bd meeting the other night to support Garg and in essence to endorse Garg's actions -- and was greeted with warmth and showered with love by UFT District Rep Servia Silva for engaging in what some termed the act of scabs who made statements attacking their fellow teachers. (From the first time we met with CPE1 teachers 15 months ago they were telling us she was pro-Garg and Estella.) See Arthur's Executive Board Takeaway.

The main complaint of these teachers who were hired by Garg against the vets were that they wouldn't meet with them other than offsite because Marilyn could not be in the school due to the charges. Now there's the union spirit of support. No wonder Garg hired them. 

Apparently Garg, who had lied about having anything to do with Marilyn's removal, was in it up to her ears, secretly taping a parent. Can anyone maintain trust in keeping her as principal? The UFT must call for Garg's immediate removal (and Estella with her) and Marilyn's immediate reinstatement to the classroom as of this Monday.

In the meantime, would we be surprised to see them try to file additional charges against Marilyn to keep her out of the school since her return would throw a serious monkey wrench into the Farina plan to undermine the school?

Parents are asking people to blitz de Blasio with calls today calling for Marilyn's immediate return.

We don't know how quickly she will be reinstated or if they will try to mess with it; at our SLT meeting today, Monika refused to say that she would support her return and looked really angry at idea of her returning.

So we want to get out ahead of it and build public political pressure for her immediate return and an end to the harassment; we're doing another call-in action tomorrow am around it. I know it's really short notice but anything you can do to get the word out would be much appreciated - it made a big difference last week.


Anonymous said...

I guess she'll be an ATR now and they can continue to harass her.

ed notes online said...

She goes back to her classroom Monday. Power to the people. Parent power.

Anonymous said...

My buddy was one of the 4% completely cleared and they made him an ATR. They've been using the ATR pool punitively for those cleared and excessed from schools hoping they'll quit. Can't remember the guy that is sueing over it but he has a winning case. If he wins the flood gates will open for class action suit - the real reason for the end of the pool.

ed notes online said...

Jeff Kaufman won his 3020 and they tried to put him in Atr pool but his new principal objected. A teacher alone is dead. Outside pressure is necessary. But still it should be a winnable grievance. Parents are saying mulgrew came through for Marilyn and I believe it. They put a lot of pressure on everyone and our bringing them to ex bd meetings seems to have broken the logjam. But I still don't believe uft will call for Garg to be out despite her criminal acts. Uft will rest on laurels of getting her back in class but I would bet that Garg is looking to pounce at slightest excuse.

Anonymous said...

Happy it worked out for that teacher. Why pressure should be put on UFT to stand up and do the right thing is shameful. I don't know the procedures for going down and speaking at those board meetings. They don't publicize them and I believe many people would go down out of the pure desperation of some of their circumstances.

ed notes online said...

The point is that no individual will get the attention of the UFT but when a significant number of people are involved it gives credence to the case. I worked with one guy who kept promising there was a group ready to act but were afraid. Well, fear gets people in more trouble over time.