Saturday, May 27, 2017

Judge Orders Charter School DOE Tried to Close to Remain Open Despite Poor Test Results - Why Didn't UFT Sue on JHS 145x?

The city tried to close grades six through eight of the Harlem school due to failure rates on state tests 

The WSJ has a report under a pay wall. It seems when charters sue to remain open they get their way in the courts.

In Feb I asked: UFT Leadership Shocked: Will They Make a Stand in Opposing Closing of JHS 145 as Giveway to Eva/Success Academy?

In January I asked this:

When there was a move to get the UFT to sue over the closing of schools recently, they said they were studying it. We know closing the school without giving them the extra year promised was related to Success Academy needing more space -- in essence the lack of UFT aggression is a sop to Eva.

At the next Ex Bd meeting our people should ask them to splain themselves.

Some more Ed Notes coverage on JHS 145, where many of the teachers with a lot of vets will be thrown into an ATR pool -- unless there is an agreement with the DOE.

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