Tuesday, May 9, 2017

UFT Ex Bd: UFT members, parents and students demand removal of Interim Acting Principal Michael Weinstein High School of Applied Communication

Hey, CSA, here's another slug for you to defend. 

Last night's Ex Bd meeting brought out another batch of teachers from a school under assault by an abusive - and incompetent - and creepy - principal. In the pre-meeting we heard tales of sexual harassment and misogyny, a gift trip to Disney World for certain teachers, in addition to the list of grievances below. Some of them have been at the school since its founding a dozen years ago. Both previous principals had been excellent. To put a monster like Weinstein into this school is criminal. But the Supt is Elaine Lindsey, the very same who installed Rosemary Jahoda into Townsend Harris HS.

Also the sad situation where the chapter leader is in the pocket of Weinstein. A recall petition got over 50% of the vote, but not the required 2/3. I was told that the CL installed someone to monitor the vote, which was not secured. I'm checking to see if the CL is in Unity Caucus to see if there is any coverup.

As I say often -- I didn't expect much from being on the EB this year but being able to raise these issues with the schools and getting rank and filers involved is true grassroots organizing. And even if on the surface, the leadership is forced to respond.
What the UFT misses - intentionally I believe -- is the pattern -- the blueprint principals are following while the UFT doesn't prepare its people for the arrival of a new principal who could turn into a monster -- what are the immediate signs to look for and intervene in the process?

With the big court cases coming up, the major thing the union can do to keep people from not paying dues is to defend them. At the very least we can keep shaking the tree.

UFT members, parents and students demand the removal of
Interim Acting Principal Michael Weinstein
High School of Applied Communication
3020 Thomson Avenue, 5th floor
Long Island City, NY 11101

UFT members from Weinstein’s school testified at the UFT Executive Board meeting Monday 5/817 on the abusive conditions they are forced to work under since his arrival. They are receiving the support of elected high school representatives from the MORE caucus: Schirtzer,  Goldstein,  Gupta, McArthur, and  MORE/NA VP candidate James Eterno, in addition to Halabi and Ahluwalia of New Action.

Our union sisters and brothers, many of whom have been at that high school for over 10 years, have come under attacks from day 1 of his reign, which began in Sept. 2016. Weinstein was formerly an AP at Leon Goldstein HS and MORE members there have been advising the teachers.

The school is a Title I school; 406 students,, 17% Special Education, 7% ESL

  • Students had 3 sit ins (December 13, December 16, March 22 ) and 1 walk out (February 15)
  • PTA meeting was cancelled February, March and April. Last PTA meeting was in January although parents have requested the meeting be scheduled… PTA President states she is given “the runaround” by Interim Acting Principal Weinstein.
  • Teacher received a letter to file for publicizing the SLT meeting in accordance with Open Meetings Law. Meeting is not publicized and the teacher received directive in disciplinary conference not to inform school community about SLT meetings.
  • Two teachers have Article 23 harassment cases in process
  • Two UFT Special Education complaints filed due to IA Principal Weinstein’s refusal to follow compliance in mandates. This resulted in vicious retaliation toward the Special Education department.
  • 19 grievances filed to date for the school year
  • UFT members testifying against other UFT members during harassment meetings
  • 4 Chancellor’s A830 complaints filed for retaliation and sexual harassment
  • teacher and student programs changed 3 times this year resulting in one 10th grade ICT/ESL ELA class having 7 different teachers this year
  • under the direction of Interim Acting Principal Weinstein, ICT classes were amended to include up to 50% Special Education students exceeding the maximum allowable ratio of 40% or 12 students. Students did not receive services and parents were sent P4 letters for the mistake of missing services and costing the city thousands of dollars for his poor leadership
  • constant harassment and following of students in the hallway. Pulling students in for meetings threatening their transcripts and potential for college. These “meetings” are conducted without parental consent.
  • Teachers followed and watched by IA Principal Michael Weinstein: followed the perimeter of the school, at their classroom doors, outside the bathroom, at the time clock when they enter the building
Requests to UFT:
  • visit by President Mulgrew and leadership to our school to speak for and on behalf of UFT membership
  • motion to support our school
  • public pressure by UFT on IA Principal Weinstein to cease and desist harassment and intimidation of students, staff, and parents
  • review of all internal memos, regulations, directives, and protocols to assure they comply with school, city, state, and federal law
  • facilitation of PTA meeting at a neutral location free from the abuse and manipulation by IA Principal Weinstein
  • immediate removal of Weinstein from the school


Michael Fiorillo said...

Mulgrew can't be bothered to show up for his own Executive Board meeting, and he's going to appear in support of some lowly teachers? C'mon, you know he's too good for that!

Anonymous said...

I'm in a different local, but when we were having trouble (and the president was up for election) the whole executive board showed up. It's the least they can do!

Anonymous said...

If the UFT does not actively investigate and then push back against abusive principals and supervisors the union will ultimately fail.

Anonymous said...

They are all so corrupt that they act like management. The UFT is useless, and it is not goong to do was right.