Monday, May 22, 2017

Shino Tanikawa Video: NYC Community Education Council, CEC 2 Conversations on Integrating Our Schools May 9, 2017

Creating Diverse Learning Environments to Benefit All Our Students

I taped the 2nd annual CEC2 integrating the schools event led by Shino Tanikawa. I posted about similar efforts in District 1- Controlled Choice: Community Education Council (CEC) District 1. Is there disappointment in the de Blasio/Farina admin? Hell yes.

Shino put together a great panel:
9th Grader Sen Oglesby - Shino's daughter who told of her experiences in diverse classrooms - not only based on race but on factors related to academic performance - the pros and the cons.
Prof Amy Stuart Wells of Teachers College at Columbia whose research points to the benefits all children receive from integration.
NYC Principal Kelly McGuire of Lower Manhattan Community School.
MS Social Studies Teacher Lindsay Oakes who was Sen's middle school teacher.

Now we know this is district 2 -- the highest performing district with probably the wealthiest parent body in the city -- and with many high-powered achievement -meaning test scores - and competitive -- and Shino's slides show about one third Asian and over one third white. Actually, the ideal balance for creating diverse schools - except that these are not distributed equally.

There's a lot of meat in this video as a basis for further debate -- which is Shino's intention. Definitely worth checking out if you have time.

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