Monday, May 29, 2017

Leonie Haimson Skinny Awards - June 20, 2017 - A Must Event

I've attended every one and intend to go back again this year, where the CPE1 parents will be among the recipients, along with the Townsend Harris students, both instances of revolts that led to the removal of abusive principals. And people who fight the charter industry and also battle Cuomo budget cuts. An all-star lineup.

Show you support for the amazing work Leonie has been doing - well - it seems forever. You never know who you will run into there. click here

Oh, and why are they called Skinny Awards? Why to counter the deformer Broad Awards.

Dear friends,
It's that time of year again! Our 2017 Annual Skinny Award Dinner will be held Tuesday, June 20 at 6:30 PM at Il Bastardo/Bocca di Bacco, 191 Seventh Ave., in Manhattan.
We will be serving a three course dinner with wine, and will honor those individuals who gave us the real "skinny" on NYC schools, including :

  • The Parents of Save CPE1, who through persistent protests and organizing saved their progressive school from a principal who tried to undermine it;
  • Mehrose Ahmad and Sumaita Hasan, the student-editors of Townsend Harris HS newspaper The Classic, and their faculty adviser Brian Sweeney, who by telling the truth unseated their abusive principal;
  • Laura Barbieri and Arthur Schwartz of Advocates for Justice, who have persistently fought the co-location of charter schools, and this year were victorious in court by ensuring that School Leadership Team meetings would be open to the public;
  • Wendy Lecker and David Sciarra of Education Law Center, who won funds for struggling schools when Gov. Cuomo tried to withhold this aid.
Just click here to reserve your seat. Please join us to partake of good food and great company, to celebrate these victories and gain inspiration for the battles to come! If you cannot attend, you can also make a contribution to Class Size Matters to honor these intrepid individuals and support our work.

Hope to see you at the Skinny awards!

More soon, Leonie

Leonie Haimson
Executive Director
Class Size Matters

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