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Memo from the RTC: There Are Rumors…

My Rockaway Theatre Company column in this week's WAVE - last  performances tonight and Sunday afternoon. I'm going to both.

Published May 26

Cast of Rumors

Memo from the RTC:  There Are Rumors…
By Norm Scott

Farce:  a comic dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay and typically including crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations. Synonyms: slapstick comedy, slapstick, burlesque, vaudeville, buffoonery.

I honestly didn’t expect to love the currently running Rockaway Theatre Company production of Neil Simon’s “Rumors” despite a great cast. Another Neil Simon play, I thought? And one that is not well-known? And a farce, the only one Simon wrote, to boot? Having seen a few, I knew that it takes perfect timing to be really funny and without that things can go downhill real fast. Could even this great cast of ten performers pull it off?

All I can say is that they did so flawlessly and I laughed as much at this show as at an in recent memory. As the videographer I had to shield the mic at times to cover for my laughing out loud.

Having been part of master builder Tony Homsey’s set construction crew, as per any production co-director Peggy Page has been involved in, along with Michael Wotypka, there were a lot of doors. And they open and close numerous times. Always in perfect timing.

Every member of the cast deserves a write-up which I will try to do next week after going back Saturday night and Sunday afternoon to get my full fill of the show. Everyone can use a few laughs in today’s world, so I urge you to get down to the Post Theater this weekend to check it out: Friday and Saturday nights at 8PM and Sunday matinee at 2PM.
 By the way, my former teaching colleague who retired many years before me, is a theater critic calling himself The People's Critic. He sent me a link to his review of Rumors at a theater he covers from a year ago.


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