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UFT Ex Bd May 22 Notes - CPE1 Kumbaya, on Puerto Rico Teachers - NOT

Howie Schoor Tries on CPE1 Tee
Catlin Preston—CPE 1—Thanks UFT leadership, especially Howie and Ellen Procida. He is exonerated. Was long 14 months. Was reassigned as CPE 1 fight happened. Speaks of teachers languishing in reassignment, a twilight zone with no clear path forward, no guidance. Can be dispiriting, especially when you don’t know what you’re accused of. I am proof administrative abuse takes place, and that there are real consequences.

My exoneration indicates that charges were not substantial to begin with. Extremely grateful for due process rights, for salary, pension but dignity, professionalism were assaulted. Thought about quitting. I was found not guilty. I also have feeling of wanting more from UFT, ground level support, my mind stays with those teachers, They were dedicated professionals. We shouldn’t apologize for abusive admin. We need to balance investigatory power of admin.  ....

UFT Executive Board May 22, 2017
The theme of this year's Ex Bd meeting has been the abusive principal - and Superintendent, as MORE/New Action constantly raised this issue at every meeting.

Last night, CPE1 parents and teachers came bearing gifts (tees) and thanks to the UFT for helping them get rid of a principal and their teachers back. I know, I know --- I should be joining in this kumbaya moment.

I do believe Mulgrew got involved -- how could he not? And yes I will give him credit for doing so. He did get an extra large tee and I hope to see him wearing it one day.

I, as usual, am skeptical on exactly what moved the DOE - the parent pressure on de Blasio, the sit-ins, the boycotts, the petitions, the going to the PEP for 14 straight meetings, the banners, the signs, the relentless pressure -- and yes the pressure on the UFT by showing up at Ex Bd meeting after meeting - and yes, also the support MORE gave from day one.

Now we hear some officials in the UFT had warned some parents and teachers to stay away from MORE -- that they were using them in their own interests -- but that didn't stop them from tapping into whatever support we could give them -- and believe me I am not giving MORE credit for doing anything but provide support and advice -- we have no power to move much --- but we, through our elected reps on the board, do have power to pressure the UFT/Unity leadership. And so we did and continue to do on the abusive principal issue, which we have from the first EB meeting of the year in September when we used the 10 minute pre-meeting speaking time to do just that, followed by our reps asking question after question.

I have two issues to raise: The reso on Puerto Rico which I will do in a separate blog and the comments last night by Catlin Preston who was totally exonerated after 14 months in the rubber room and a 3020a trial and is being returned to the school and classroom today.

I tried to take notes on Catlin's wonderful statement but am inept at doing so and will use Arthur's notes instead which I posted above.
Catlin got to the heart of the complaints about the UFT -- the attitude that as long as you are getting paid it is not a problem with them even if OSI is crooked and DOE Legal are criminals, as proven in his case. The UFT must take a more proactive role from day one -- all too often they begin with assuming the teacher is guilty - and they are so afraid to be too proactive in case the teacher is guilty. There has to be more support for people through the process, not just when the hearings start. The hands off policy must end and in fact the UFT must issue warnings as to what to look for when a new principal arrives who has the leadership academy agenda of mayhem and "creative" destruction.

For now, groups like MORE are trying to fill in when the union leadership is absent, almost an impossible task -- Catlin came to some of our colleagues for assistance in terms of psychological support, something we can do.

You can read full reports on the meeting from Arthur and James, who was getting reports from Schirtzer.

UFT Executive Board May 22, 2017--Good News at CPE 1 y Problemas en Puerto Rico -  


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  1. Wait, the UFT does nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, for many months, and only makes an appearance when groups of parents start showing up en mass at arbitration hearings, EB meetings (which the President of the UFT is apparently too important to attend), PEP meetings and hounding the mayor. Add to that the fact that MORE was ably nipping at Unity's heels about this.

    Then, Mulgrew has the unmitigated chutzpah, and contempt for teachers and parents, to show up for seven minutes at the EB and claim the credit for what others did?

    These people are shameless, and deserve no credit whatsoever. All credit belongs to CPE1 parents, teachers, and MORE for taking up their cause before a vicious DOE and complicit UFT.


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