Thursday, March 1, 2018

Carvalho Turns Down Chancellor Job After Watching Feed of Last Night's Raucus, Packed PEP Meeting

Satire alert. But who knows? During the meeting we heard he was taking the job. After the meeting, which ended at 2:30 AM, he wasn't. I think the audience booing Farina after someone congratulated her on her career may have been the final straw. Why ruin a good reputation and enter this den?

In a tweet I compared him to Bill Belichik. Jet fans know what I mean.


  1. Coincidence? Maybe, plus all the info out in social media about him. Weingarten and Mulgrew should have egg on their faces after supporting this guy. Time for deBladioto stand by his promise of transparency in
    selecting the next person.

  2. Maybe there's an issue with his immigration status. Or with someone in his family.

  3. The Miami guy is a nut, as are all of the other people on Eva’s list. Not one good candidate. De Blasio got played. He’s such a dope for thinking Eva was his friend in recommending that goof.

  4. What about Jared Kushner. He is perfect for that job. AND,..... He may soon be available!


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