Thursday, March 29, 2018

Robert Jackson Challenges IDC Slug Marison Alcantara - Stringer Endorses Him

It's time to get rid of the Independent Democrat Caucus traitors who caucus with the Republicans. Who better than Robert Jackson who has been in the fight for public education for decades.

And we'll always give Scott Stringer an edge because he appointed Patrick Sullivan to the PEP - the only one to stand up to BloomKlein and their hench people - who by the way are embedded all over the nation inside the ed deform movement.

Stringer to Back 2 Candidates Challenging Breakaway Democrats in Albany

A campaign to unseat eight state Democratic senators — members of a renegade group that has helped empower Republicans to rule the Senate in Albany — will receive a significant boost from the city comptroller, Scott M. Stringer.
Mr. Stringer on Thursday will endorse two Democratic challengers trying to topple members of the group, the Independent Democratic Conference, in the September primary.
“When you run for office as a Democrat and caucus with the Republicans, you are not acting like a Democrat.” Mr. Stringer, a Democrat, said in an interview. “This has gone on for too long. I want to break the dam.”
The cooperation of the eight-member body has helped allow Senate Republicans to control the chamber even though they are outnumbered by Democrats.
Mr. Stringer will endorse Robert Jackson, who is challenging Marisol Alcantara in Manhattan, and Jessica Ramos, who is challenging Jose R. Peralta in Queens.
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Scott Stringer, the city comptroller, will become the first citywide official to back primary challengers to members of the Independent Democratic Conference.

Here is another message from one of our faves - Janine Sopp:

As you may not have known, it was Robert Jackson who facebook livestreamed our NYCOO press conference on Tuesday. He has been a strong supporter of public education for decades, and standing with parents and students is nothing new for him. What is timely is that he is running for state senate, after his long held position on the city council and serving his community and our city for years. If there was ever a time to throw your support behind a candidate, now is the time. He is running against Marison Alcantara, who caucuses with the IDC, so it is very important to remove her from this position. RJ is someone who can do it! The IDC may have the money, but we have the people power and votes, and having the money will help expand this vote. Please consider giving a donation to RJ's campaign and know that he values the activists who are a part of all these advocacy efforts.
This is my personal pledge, so thank you for letting me share this as someone who believes strongly that the more we can put people with strong characters to do good in these positions, the more likely our views will be taken seriously.

Big news this morning: City Comptroller Scott Stringer, who grew up in the Washington Heights section of this district, represented the Upper West Side portion and has been a leader for reform in Albany and New York City, today endorsed Robert Jackson for State Senate.

Now with the end-of-quarter fundraising deadline Monday, we need every one to step up and keep the momentum going.  Can I count on you Janine to click here and chip in to end Republican control of the State Senate and make Andrea Stewart-Cousins the first woman Senate Majority Leader, breaking up the so-called “three men in a room?” I would not ask if it were not so important, and we cannot do it without your help. We promise not to bother you through the holiday weekend, so if you can, please donate today!
In endorsing Robert, Comptroller Stringer said:
“Robert Jackson is a proven progressive fighter, who has time and again stood up for the people against the powerful.  From his landmark suit to fund our public schools, to fighting for tenants, small businesses and justice, Robert Jackson has fought with integrity, courage and passion for our values and gotten results. Robert understands the diversity of the District and we can count on him to be there, fighting side-by-side with us for the change we so desperately need in Albany. I’m proud to endorse Robert Jackson today and will work hard to help him win.”  
We must defeat the rogue Democrats – the IDC - who continue to put their own perks and power above serving the people. We must fully fund our public schools, pass New York’s single payer health plan, reform our loophole ridden, landlord written rent laws and protect LGBT rights, women’s rights and immigrant rights. And we can do that together.
It doesn’t matter whether you can give a little or a lot. Every donation helps us build our people-powered campaign. In the last filing, we set a state record for the amount of people who were part of it.  We want to keep that momentum going now.

Here is the link:
We thank all the many people who have already contributed. Your help and support means so much to this campaign and it’s what's going to help us win. 
Very grateful,
Willa Hahn
Jackson for Senate 2018
Finance Director
P.S. If you prefer to mail your check, please send it today to: Jackson for Senate 2018, PO Box 765, New York, NY 10033.
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