Sunday, March 25, 2018

Riveting Video : Jeanette Deuterman, Opt-Out Leader

Among all the reasons to Opt out is to undermine the massive profits of the educational-industrial complex - and I include the charter industry - imagine all that draining of public funds out of the classroom. Michael Elliott has another in a series of short films out today. Make it go viral.
Jeanette Deutermann was the inspiration for this whole series of films about public education. She links Opt Out to so many other issues. It's the canary in the coal mine. How to we value our kids and their education, what does it mean for the future, are we empowering them or are we just force feeding them and killing their innate curiosity? She knows the answer
.... Michael Elliott
The tests are coming and we know the outcomes of the ent

Our latest video from the event in Brooklyn last April features Jeanette Deutermann, the founder of Long Island Opt Out, telling a very personal story of her own awakening. It launches on social media SUNDAY March 25th @10 AM Eastern.

Testing season is upon us and we need to reach as many potential parents as possible, so please share this video, comment on it, and like it on every page you find it.

Please share this video!!!  But first, please read specific sharing/re-Tweeting strategies below. This IS VERY IMPORTANT IN LIGHT OF CHANGES TO THE FACEBOOK ALGORITHM!

1) Watch the video in its entirety (2 mins 20 secs). It will be in the following places, watch/like/comment on one or all (the more, the merrier): Shoot4Education & Network for Public Education Facebook pages and Twitter. (It will be the pinned post on all of these, starting at 10AM eastern time.)

2) Share the video from Shoot4Education Facebook & re-Tweet from Shoot4Education Twitter, according to the instructions below.

3) It is essential that you create a personal framing of the video in your own post. So please tell other parents how you came to be involved in opt out and how you discovered your voice in this movement.  OR Tell them opt out is our most potent weapon to gain the attention of politicians and to regain our control over education policy. No matter what you say, make it personal. Don’t just click the share button and post, you must write your own headline!

4) Do not mention the words “like" or “share" in your own post.

5) Adding specific recipients (your friends or people you know to have good social media followings): On FB: Use the tagging feature to tag friends in the body of your post (not comments) On Twitter: add handles (quote tweet)

The closer to 10 AM that you can do any or all of the above, the more likely that the video will pick up steam and take off; everyone sharing at once at the very start really fuels visibility.

The  more you interact with the video through watching, liking/reacting, commenting, reTweeting, etc. the greater the probability that it will push into more feeds.


Michael and Kemala


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