Sunday, March 18, 2018

Putin Wins, But Still Jealous of Unity Caucus Control

With most of the ballots counted, Putin had received 76% of the vote, the central election commission said.

 "The Unity Caucus operation manual is my bible and Michael Mulgew is my hero," stated Putin. "He gets the same or greater percentage of votes and he doesn't even have to poison people."

"Sixty years in power is even better than Stalin."He hopes to meet with Unity officials soon to get ideas on how he can increase his dominance.

Putin smirked that the opposition in the UFT should not to be fooled by the improved food at the executive board and suggested they bring food tasters to future meetings.

He promised that Russian hackers would hack into the MORE emails accounts and be involved in the next UFT election to push Unity totals even higher.


  1. Many a true statement are made in jest! This missive is worthy of Ednotes distributed at the D.A. long ago. Love the Mad Magazine humor. Thanks

  2. Flesh it out. It's a funny start. But hacking MORE would be about as stupid as Nixon hacking the dems in 72. JANUS is a disaster for MORE,whose whole ethos is based on social justice, which most members wont care about in the new environment. MORE will be forced to collaborate more w UNITY, since a dead union is a dead MORE. The biggest problem post Janus, for UFT, is not going to be catering to the usual cast of whiners and losers -- they will pull dues no matter what. The greater challenge is winning over young teachers w little trade union sympathy.

  3. You make some good points. The uft tho will not be a dead union for a long time since State and city need them as a way to control and police members. As for more which has young Teachers who are union conscious and social justice. That is part of reason for teaching. Most are not from here. That more still seems to have some life after 6 years and attract young Teachers is different from the other groups I've been involved with. Those who leave the union were probably anti unity anyway so opposition would lose those angry voters. But given some of the comments I see not the greatest loss.


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