Wednesday, March 7, 2018

PS/MS 42: Letter to Parents Distorts Reality While Issuing Threat for Next Year - Answer them by opting out

What a crock. You know they didn't listen to the community at the PEP - they rarely do.  Certainly 6 of the 8 mayoral appointees didn't listen -- see my piece about the 6-6-1 vote to keep the school open --- Analysis: The Story Behind the PEP Rockaway Vote - It Came Down to One Guy Abstaining.
Yes, one guy abstaining and forcing a tie vote while the other 6 mayoral appointee slugs went along with the closing.

So we start off with mistrust -- and a lie -- that they actually listened to the discussion at the PEP. But then they pointed the loaded gun right at their heads -- the outcomes of the testing in May will decide their fate -- and think of this -- the outright distraction since December for everyone in the school. And the enormous pressure over the next two months to get those scores up.

Imagine if all the parents opted out and there were no scores to hammer them with.

But given the pressures and fear and threats, I imagine people won't easily go for an opt out strategy --- it would be a pretty scary thing to do ----- and will hope beyond hope the numbers are improved enough to save them next time. 

But boy wouldn't a massive opt out in a renewal school be something to watch.

Their struggle has made them known around the city and continuing their struggle to battle will continue to gain support. Part of their struggle should be against the test itself and by linking to the opt out movement there will be even wider support.

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