Monday, January 21, 2008


Every so often I get reports on Arabella, who we met on a cruise to Alaska when she was 3 years old. She's 12 now. Here's the latest from her mom Amanda Uhry:
Happy, tired Arabella at: The Cobra Youth Foil Competition (individual) -- Cobra Fencing 1/19/08

First place Y12 First place Y14

Number of bottles of Vitamin Water consumed - 7

Number of colored rubber bands that popped off braces - 3

Number of hours it took to
fence and win both competitions - 9

Toughest bout - finals of Y12 with Jessie Laffey from Cobra Fencing

Person we are most grateful to:

Steve Kaplan head of Cobra Fencing for graciously providing Arabella with weapon when she managed to leave all of hers locked in her locker at her own fencing club by accident.

Number of brand new fencing shoes Arabella managed to destroy in 48 hours (Cobra Foil and Cobra Challenge the next day) - 1 pair (completely torn apart)

Number of hours slept after competition - 13

Number of days til next big event at Cobra - 30 (the New York Super Regionals - Feb 22-24)

Arabella way back then on the cruise ship

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