Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Randi's Rubber Room Letter to Elected Officials

See Jan. 28 post on Rubber Room for full background.
I know these are hard to read. Email me if you want a pdf (which I will post later on Google docs.)


  1. Randi is a traitor. She would rather do nothing to help those who are in the "rubber rooms" unfairly (and yeah, there are some who are there with reason) than to fight to restore our members' rights.

    Ransi is unbelievable. I hope that this letter is circulated widely so that members see Randi for the treacherous and treasonous union leader that she indeed is.

    Not a proud moment for the UFT, huh?

  2. I am assuming when I make the following comment that few, some, or none of the teachers in the rubber room received a copy of the letter Weingarten wrote to the Elected Officials. It's difficult to ascertain from the blogs whether she cc'd it to Fagan, and even if she did, how it found its way into the blogosphere. It's also not spelled out who the recipient "Elected Officials" were.

    To my comment, then:

    If this letter went out to any Elected Official at all, then it should have been cc'd to every single person sitting in the rubber room. It's normal courtesy, maybe even something stronger than that, to let the people placed in these rooms see how their representative — in this case, their union — is communicating and/or acting on their behalf.

    That Weingarten did not choose to forward each of these teachers a copy of her letter means only one thing: She didn't want them to know what she was doing.

    People who represent others in a process as career-threatening as this one without keeping them thoroughly informed all along the way seems to me a kind of malpractice. Weingarten can't be sued, of course, but if she did anything behind their backs, she's earning our deepest disgust.

    If anyone can supply some more details about these letters, please can you send them in.


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