Friday, January 4, 2008

Klein to Go After ATR's Weingarten Says

A correspondent reports:

Randi's visit to the Queens Rubber room

Aside from a lot of useless prattle, she also indicated that Klein was going after ATR's as a form of featherbedding. She, as always, the unsuspecting, unknowing, innocent lawyer, does not seem too sure about her ability to uphold the union's ironclad policy of protecting atrs. What else is new?


Anonymous said...

And considering that many of those ATRs are on the high end of the pay scale, her inability to protect them will cost the union big bucks.

Randi Weingarten=union buster

This is what we get for allowing our educational system to be run by lawyers and businessmen, rather than educators. Don't let her fool you with that,"I teach at least one class a day" malarkey.

Al Shanker is rolling in his grave right now.

ed notes online said...

Sorry to disappoint you. The only reason Shanker would roll in his grave is over Randi's allowing New Action in the door because of Shanker's anti-communism. Read Kahlenberg's book and tell me Shanker would not have signed on to everything Randi did.