Friday, January 4, 2008

Education Notes 2008 Prognostications

Randi Weingarten is elected AFT President and roams the country trying to get Hillary Clinton elected – in 2016.

Joel Klein arrested for handing out cash to children in front of schools.

Teachers urged to give steroids to low scoring children to pump up scores.

Teachers ordered to take steroids during height of testing season to counter "testing fatigue."

What the hell: Teachers told to give steroids to all children.

Roger Clemons becomes NYCDOE Chancellor. NY State Ed Commissioner Richard "DICKIE BOY" Mills gives Clemons special waiver. "He has even more qualifications than Joel Klein to be Chancellor. He has 4 children. Test scores and grad rates break BloomKlein record for inflation.

Bloomberg is elected President on a platform of nationalizing schools before selling them off to private interests. Russia's Putin puts in best bid and owns the nation's entire school system.

In sports:
The NY Jets draft Patriots' QB Tom Brady's infant children and all future unborn that he might have with super models.

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Gary Babad said...

I couldn't stop laughing at this till I finally realized that if all of this actually happens, it will be only slightly more bizarre than the stuff that occurred this past year.