Sunday, January 20, 2008

How ARIS, data, etc are being used in NYC - your input needed ASAP

A writer is working on a piece on data-driven decision making and needs input on how ARIS, data, etc. are being used in NYC. If anyone has info send it along ASAP. I'll forward it with your email (if you want to be anon. say so) for further contact if needed.


Anonymous said...

In my school Scantron and Acuity are being used to drive test preparation, not individualized instruction, as Klein & Bloomie would have you believe. My school runs in complete violation of the 37-½ minute contract agreement. Teachers all over my school are excused from working with students in order to work on test prep. Teachers from 3 thru 5 are freed up to go the computer lab where the computer teacher, Math coach and a few others help them log onto Acuity/Scantron or edperformance and create the next day’s practice tests. The computer lab itself is used first & second period for the taking of the Scantron practice tests and Acuity practice. The computer teacher no longer has to plan lessons for these grades since their computer class time has become Scantron/Acuity test prep time.


proofoflife said...

At least you guys have a computer lab up and running. In my school you are expected to log onto Scantron and ARIS without the use of a working computer! This also makes taking the assessments a whole day affair when you figure in all the modifications for special education students and SSETS kids. As for the 37 minutes they are a waste of time anyway. By the time you get the kids settled in it's time for the rest of the class to come. My principal told me to check Scantron for the trends of the school and to put together I holiday package for each and every kid. I just nodded my head! Yeah okay!