Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Giuliani Horrors Revisited in NY Times

Today's front page of the NY Times is a must read to remind everyone of the mean-spirited "politics of retaliation" of the Giuliani years as mayor. And it doesn't even mention the day care center forced out because a local City Councilman who backed it made some critical comments. Or how the entire "Neponsit Home for the Aged" in Rockaway was condemned on a moment's notice and the entire population terrorized as they were removed in a middle of the night raid. Supposedly because some real estate interests connected to Giuliani were interested in the prime beach front property. The place still remains shut down today.

No matter what you think of the Bush years in the White House, they will pale in comparison with the loss of democracy that would take place under Giuliani. Expect an immediate attempt to cancel the Bill of Rights.

What is notable is the use of the entire city force at the Mayor's disposal to go after even the mildest critics and the absolute and devastating fear Giuliani inspired in everyone around him.

Now, fear also exists in relation to Michael Bloomberg who also practices a less obvious politics of fear. That's only because he has the advantage of money and makes use of the fear factor in more subtle ways. Or, he just buys people. The story about how Giuliani would change the charter to keep Public Advocate Mark Green from taking office could be matched by the same relationship between Bloomberg and Betsy Gotbaum. Keeping her out of office is a major incentive Bloomberg has not to resign even if he runs for President.

The NY Times should hold onto this article for a few years and just change "Giuliani" to "Bloomberg," get a new cast of characters Bloomberg has retaliated against and republish it in a few years when the "all clear" is sounded.

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