Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rumor on 55/25

Just in from a chapter leader:

Have you heard rumors that the 55/ 25 pension is being held up because those that be in charge want to raise the amount of money we would have to pay to opt in??

If you've heard anything, let us know.

When Weingarten announced the merit pay plan she said it was teamed with 55/25. Merit pay has been voted upon and is being put into effect while 55/25 pension plan is delayed. She spun this as a good thing at the last Del. Ass. – see, the longer the delay, the less you have to pay. But she promised there would not be one without the other. I'm just shocked she might have been a shade less than straightforward on this. Just shocked!

THIS JUST IN: Pension plan changed from 55/25 to 95/75. UFT argues this is a good thing as the DOE will allow those who die on the job to be buried on school grounds free of charge.

UPDATE: Sunday Feb. 3 from a CL:
At Middle school chapter leaders meeting last week, vp said that 55/25 is expected to be signed at the end of February or the beginning of March.


  1. Oh man! Well consider my demographic's life expectancy, I know I'm not promised 75. I'd be shocked and appalled at not getting my money.

  2. Oh my g-d that’s hysterical! Maybe our union can fight this 95/75 thing and get us indentured servitude instead.


  3. Norm!!! Don't even joke like that. You might give them ideas!!! I might laugh if it weren't prohibited!!!

  4. It's just like Randi Slimegarten to promise more than she can deliver. She even had suckers marching in lock step to workshops for this new non-existing pension when she touted it as a done deal in the fall. I didn't go because I knew it was b.s.


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