Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Eduwonk in Amazing Discovery

Eduwonk Discovers Culprit Obstructing Ed Reform

Finding the key to the obstruction to finding solutions to education problems in this country has eluded educators and researchers and makers of Ed policy forever. Thus, they were delighted to learn that blogger Eduwonk has found the Holy Grail by identifying the single component responsible – a shadowy group going under the alias of “The Status Quo.”

That one single group, albeit with a phalanx of supporters branded by Eduwonk as “Apologists for The Status Quo” (APSQUO’s), could obstruct attempts to turn children into commodities, shocked and surprised Ed reformers.

For years, people heard rumors of secretive "Quo" using nefarious influence to trash attempts to remake education into the image of Microsoft. That Eduwonk has finally proven existence of The Quo will rank with the discovery of the elusive Boson, Nuon and Boron. The simplicity of Eduwonk’s insight is legendary as he has exposed the APSQUO’s dangerous henchmen and women apologizing and protecting "The Quo" from attack.

Ednotes has followed up on Eduwonk's groundbreaking research and found the dangerous conspiracy has existed for a century in New York City, initially led by "Status Quo the FIRST," ruling the roost from the late 19th century through the late 60’s, when his son, "SQII took over and ruled for the next 35 years, when forces led by "The BloomKleins" deposed him and replaced him with his figurehead son, Status Quo the Turd.

Eduwonk has been so won over by the Turd, that he has become a big fan and in fact has joined a group known as “Apologists for Regressive Educationally Ass-phicsiating Reform" (A-REAR’s). A-REAR has captured control of the entire Ed press in the United States.

A shadowy group of partisan pro-children fighters has sprung up, based mostly in New York City, composed of parents, teachers and students who are fighting A-REAR, forming their own group called Progressive Ed Reformers (PER). They have been joined by bloggers such as NYC Educator, Eduwonkette, NYCPublicSchoolParents, and Ednotesonline.

The UFT blog Edwize often pretends to be with PER but is really an undercover agent for A-REAR.

Eduwonkette reports there won't be blood.
We beg to disagree
Let there be a flood.

NOTE: Eduwonkette and Eduwonk make up for Valentine's Day over at psuedointellectualism.

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  1. It appears that Eduwonk and his group
    A-Rear's need to just take a great big data dump because they are full of....


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