Monday, February 25, 2008

LA Teachers Vote- 79% Don't Vote

It's a Duffy Landslide!

The United Teachers Los Angeles vote is in. The union sent out 42,952 ballots. Here are the results:

A.J. Duffy - 5,242 (12.2%)
Linda Guthrie - 2,112 (4.9%)
Becki Robinson - 1,468 (3.4%)
Barbara Eisen-Herman - 103 (0.2%)
Don't Give a Crap - 34,027 (79.2%)


  1. This "don't give a crap" is getting more popular by the minute. I believe he only took 77% here in the big apple.

  2. A.J. Duffy is a disaster, and UTLA has become little more than an obstacle to reform in Los Angeles. Why on earth would anyone assume that new teachers such as myself would find UTLA relevant?

  3. I wonder what you mean by "reform.?
    The UFT wasn't an obstacle to "reform" and it's been a disaster.
    I think a union should resist the phony reform movement going around the country.

    If you are a new teacher from TFA who intends to put in your 2 years and leave that's one thing. If you are staying the course, comeback and talk to me about the relevance of the union in 5 or 10 years.


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