Friday, February 1, 2008

The UFT Says " Support Hillary Clinton this Weekend!"

I want to invite you to please join our UFT team and Hillary Clinton supporters at the following locations this Saturday, February 2:

Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah!

I look forward to seeing you this weekend!

Marvin Reiskin
Director of Legislation/Political Action

Q: from someone receiving a call from the UFT phone bank:
Why are you calling for Hillary when the Clintons made those attacks against Obama?

A: You're right. I'm doing it because I have to.

Translation: I'm in Unity caucus and I have to follow the party line.

How do they get away with using UFT resources, mailing lists, the building, phone banks, personnel (think Randi does her Hillary work on her own time) etc. when they have not given the members any opportunity at all to discuss who they want to support? Not at the Delegate Assembly. Not even at the rubber stamp Executive Board where the New Action rubber stamps (most of whom probably support Obama) would just sit there and go along.

The leadership says that the AFT and NYSUT have endorsed Hillary. The UFT doesn't have to.

Do you think there aren't a number of UFT members who support Obama, particularly African-Americans? And what of the Black members of Unity Caucus who just might have a bit of pride in Obama's achievements and would love to share their thoughts? Not allowed.

Will the Clinton endorsement without allowing for open discussion one day come back to haunt Unity Caucus? More importantly, will Obama supporters among the membership call for a recount?


  1. You know nothing will "haunt" Unity Caucus. You can only be haunted by a bad decision if you're fundamentally moral and pre-disposed to a democratic union. Then you might feel you goofed and didn't do well by your membership.

    If Unity's decision to endorse Clinton without open discussion turns out bad, they won't change their ways. They'll just put out a slimy explanation for this season's political faux pas and start designing more clever ways to do whatever they want in our name and behind our backs next time round.

    These people are political animals, and like animals, they would never regret or atone for decisions that take a wrong turn. They genetically just can't. They'd apply themselves to the next power play with the same pre-disposition for monarchical rule and stealth.

    (PS: I know I'm taking the word "haunt" further than you meant it, but am very angry at the way they go about endorsing people.)

  2. As a Chapter Leader The UFT hounded me to hand out Hilary information. Then they expected me to be at the phone banks...I am not comfortable with pushing other peoples agendas!


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