Monday, February 25, 2008

Jamaica High School Horror

Hey, all you Bloom/Kleinites out there. Run, do not walk, over to the ICE blog and read the letter from the teachers at Jamaica High School about the horror being perpetrated by the policies of Tweed.

How about 39 in an honors economics class while 2 social studies teaches are prevented from being used to reduce class size because they have been excessed and are ATR's? Oh, and the Tweedles are busy making sure things will go well for the new Bill Gates school being placed in the building. Is there a better examples of how Bloomberg and Klein have destroyed the schools and messed with the lives of so many students?

We used to joke about the Children Last policies of Tweed. But the word "last" doesn't do justice. If I were religious I would say that one day some of these people will rot in hell.

Maybe Eduwonk/Rotherham should reconsider bestowing the Broad Prize on BloomKlein. But I'm sure he'll find a way to rationalize these policies – ye ole apologist for the status quo.

And I don't even have words for our cozy union which has stood by (oh, watch Randi's words of outrage spew forth) while this catastrophe has been visited on school after school. You see, if we didn't agree to allow this ATR outrage and defended the contract (YES, boys, the contract may protect teachers but kids get protected too) things would not have been quite so easy for the DOE.

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  1. I do not understand what is the purpose of closing schools and opening mini-schools. Is it the money that is pouring from these big corporations -- DELL and GATES?
    Who benefits from the closings?


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