Sunday, February 17, 2008

F-U Time

The day I turned 55, I visited a school on my weekly run as a district tech support person. The principal, one of my generation, congratulated me: "From now on you're on F-U time," he said. "Someone says something nasty to you, or gives you a hard time, say 'FUCK YOU' and retire."

With Gov. Spitzer about to sign the 55/25 (27 for new teachers), hundreds, if not thousands of NYC teachers will be reaching "F-U" time. I suggest all of them gather in front of Tweed and say loud and clear en masse in a final good-bye to the BloomKlein gang, a rousing FUCK YOU!

It is ironic that with so may cries from Joel Klein that poor, under-performing schools were being short-changed because seniority rules allowed senior teachers to work in the better schools, one of the supposed reasons for the fair-funding of schools (a total lie since the real reason was to penalize schools for hiring expensive senior teachers), here is another level of proof that experience doesn't count and another plank in the program to create a cheap, inexperienced staff that turns over to such an extent that few people will ever collect a pension. Follow the money, honey!


  1. Actually, what would piss off the DOE even more would be for teachers, en masse to say, "f--k you, I'm STAYING". BUT, given the current climate, I would be out the door too if I could be.

  2. And I say, F---K YOU, I'm NOT going to retire, I'm going to be a thorn in their side for as long as I choose to be....and expensive (i.e. seasoned and reliable) help.

  3. Great article. However, I agree with 17 more years. Say FU I'm staying....Of course they will find a way to make you an ATR.

  4. Or you could retire and stay home and torment them by blogging and exposing all their bullshit. But if they make you an ATR you are still on FU time

  5. Prediction: ATRs who need 3 or less years to hit 25 years will be offered an incentive: retire now with full pension/no penalty. I can just see Bloomberg now, rubbing his hands together in glee thinking of all the money he saved the city.

  6. When I hit those special digits I loudly announced to my principal that I am on FU time and I am not going anywhere. So far, he has been smart enough to leave me alone.

    Right now, I am enjoying being a thorn in his side. I flaunt my chalk and talk, my total dress down days and walking in the hall with my cell phone. I try not to speak at any faculty workshops, but when I am forced to, I speak my mind and make him squirm.

    FU time might be the best time of my teaching career.

  7. Norm

    FU time at 55? This might be reason for me to come back to NY! Only thing is Would you visit me in the rubber room? Because I am the biggest thorn in the side they have ever seen and surely woudl end up there!

    Love the EDNOTES!
    Keep it up!

  8. Hey T. We gave 'em hell. Come on home. Would love to see you and the current horror go at it. Our old gal looks like honey in comparison.

    Did you know one of the old gang was sent to the RR last week on trumped up charges - verbal abuse?


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