Monday, February 4, 2008

The UFT has NOT endorsed Clinton...

...but that doesn't stop the people using the UFT phone banks from telling people they have.

I told the caller it was a lie and that just becaue Randi Weingarten endorsed Clinton, the UFT still has rules and no body – the Exec. Bd or the Delegate Assembly – endorsed her. Only the AFT and NYSUT have endorsed.

The caller said she was reading from a script. "The script is telling you to lie to people," I said. She insisted there was an endorsement. I asked for specifics – a date of endorsement. She went to ask someone and came back and said it was in the last issue of the NY Teacher. WOW! That makes true, I guess. "I know it's hard to imagine, but they lie too," I said. She told me she would get the exact date of the endorsement and call me back. I'm keeping the line open.


  1. AFT endorses Hillary Clinton for Democratic presidential nomination

    Why we’re for Hillary

    UFT President Randi Weingarten on the AFT endorsement of Hillary Clinton

    SEIU endorses … nobody

  2. blog owner approval?

    gimme a break!!

    how one-sided can YOU be?

  3. Somebody called me too and asked me to vote for Hillary. I told her I won't vote for her because I do not want Randy to be the big boss in education in Washington. The UFT did not endorsed Hillary, just 5 people close to Randy did.

  4. Nice research anon 6:41. But you left out the UFT endorsement part. You see, supposedly if we are using UFT phone banks, resources, etc. at least the DA should have rubber stamped that (which you know it would have.) So why not let it go to a vote? Because you well know there are many UFT'ers, particularly the younger ones and many African-Americans who would want Obama. So in the usual democratic way, you made sure this would never come up. So how do you think they feel about having Hillary shoved down their throats? As least if you allowed a discussion you could claim the rubber stamp exec bad and D had a say. But you didn't even want to go that far. One day (maybe even tomorrow) the chickies will come home to roost.

    I'm not for Obama and might have even been convinced to vote for Hillary in an open discussion. But tomorrow, Obama gets my vote as a protest.

  5. I have walked by the phone bank rooms and they are feeding alot of people dinner with our dues for sitting there on the phones with the script.

  6. Instead of using our UFT dues for Hillary's campain, they should give the money to solve the problems of the ATRS and rubber room teachers.


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