Saturday, August 2, 2008

Credit Recovery: The Civil Rights Issue of Our Time

If the NY Times says education is a civil rights issue, it must be so.

In 10 Things I Learned in Summer School Credit Recovery, Learners Inherit at Chancellor's New Clothes exposes the fault lines in the Sharpton/Klein promotion that they are addressing the achievement gap, which Klein loves to brand as "the civil rights issue of our time."

1. Students are only required to attend 4 out of 10 days to receive a passing grade and full credit.

Obviously, graduating people who show up 4 out of 10 days is a way to fight for civil rights.

When teachers take a few days past their 10 allotted, they get nasty letters in their files. And sometimes, even U-ratings. What kind of message are we sending to our kids when they see that happen to their teachers?

We can't wait to hear from the business comunity when their workers show up 40% of the time.

And they're so interested in quality teachers.

5. Not having posters on the walls of a classroom during a ten day course is cause for receiving “2″ out of “5″ on an evaluation.

Note how the pro-Bloomberg/Klein press in NYC and the pundits nationwide ignore this aspect of raising the grad rates as they report on Klein and Sharpton traipsing around the country promoting the civil rights issue of our time. (Does anyone in the press ever ask Klein and Michelle Rhee how they have so much time to promote a political agenda when they have large school systems to run? I never had all that time as a classroom teacher.)

This is actually racist policy of using a phony system of making it look like kids are being educated when in fact they are unprepared for the job market.

So who will the corporate/business community world blame since the union obstruction is feeble? Watch the BloomKlein spin doctors after they leave start crying how it is not their fault but that political insterest like the union were able to rear their heads once they left.


  1. More fraudulent statistics needed for the DOE press machine.

  2. I was a classroom teacher for a few years. Interesting...


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