Saturday, August 23, 2008

Welcome Back Voice

A Voice in the Wilderness has returned at Chancellor's New Clothes from her temp digs in Europe with some pithy new posts.

This one focuses on what she's found about the European vs. the American view or work, benefits, etc.

NYC Educator made some similar points in this post comparing Canada to the US.

American workers identify more with Donald Trump than they do with the immigrant worker taking care of their garden. Big mistake. "It's a free, democratic country and anyone can become a Trump," they have been led to believe. It's all about class and the Trumps and their ilk are in a class of a very small size. As people get squeezed economically, there may be a resurgence of American worker class consciousness. But look to the patriotic xenophobia of this country (what, Obama says we should speak TWO languages) to trump all.

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