Monday, August 4, 2008

From the Horse's Mouth: Weingarten Wants In

We picked this tidbit up over at Russo's TWIE.

"We are gratified that Senator McCain has endorsed the principles of the Education Equality Project, joining education, civil rights, and elected officials across America who are working together to bring meaningful reform to our nation's public schools," wrote New York City Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein and Reverend Al Sharpton on Friday. "

[From] incoming AFT president Randi Weingarten:
“Sen. McCain clearly has his talking points down about education, but we’re still waiting to see any comprehensive plan...


"Sen. McCain’s naiveté about education reform is only as stunning as his hypocrisy. He takes a cheap shot by demonizing teachers, yet lauds the very education reforms that I collaborated on with his new best friends, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and School Chancellor Joel Klein. [my emphasis]

You mean - Weingarten collaborated? You'd a never known. But then there were all those Vichy references in Ed Notes. "The UFT/Unity caucus leadership function like the French Vichy government in WWII. They ought to serve Vichyssoise at Exec. Bd. meetings."

David B - time to add a 5th Amigo.


  1. Unbelievable! That's all I have to say.

  2. The sleaze factor now kicks in....

  3. Remarkable what Unity will boast about. Today I got an email bragging that they managed to get Teachers' Choice reduced from $260 to $150. From a drop in the bucket to half a drop in the bucket.

    Who knows what great thing they'll negotiate next?

  4. The next great thing will be when negotiating the next contract this school year. They will sell out ATR’s and claim victory for getting a few months to somehow get a new position completely on their own with no help other than a crappy handbook on how to write a resume from the DOE before they are uniformly dismissed from being able to teach again. If the ATR's are really lucky they'll get a tiny severance package as well. What a victory it will be!

  5. Agreed, they must do something with regards to teachers placed in the Absent Teacher Reserve pool. I suspect they will be in over their heads without a life preserver. By the way, another potential scandal for the administration will be when someone investigates how many substitutes and F status staff members were paid while ATR'S were somewhere doing administrative work. The guess is there will be more than 1,ooo ATR's come September and with the Budget Crisis (real or made up)there will be a lot of talk regarding this pool of teachers. Let us hope that the members will vote down any attempt to punish these teachers because Mulgrew/Sprung/Weingarten will sell them down the river of No Return.


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