Friday, August 15, 2008

They Call me Mr. Fry - Teacher in LA at FringeNYC

I ran into Jack Freiberger at Fringe Central the other day. Jack is a teacher from Los Angeles who has used his classroom experiences to do a one man show at the Fringe.

Shows still to come:
Sat. 8/16 3pm
Mon 8/18 3pm
Wed 8/20 9:15 pm
Fri 8/22 9:45 pm

Milagro Theater
107 Suffolk St.
F train to Delancey St.
J,M to Essex St.

Jack sent this email along:

Hi, it's Jack Freiberger, "Mr. Fry", the teacher with the play THEY CALL ME MISTER FRY. It was really great meeting you.

I really appreciate your support for my show. I've attached the NY press release that has the dates, times, and venue. If you can pass this out to the teachers, and actually get some to show up, I would be deeply grateful.

Also, please read this issue (August) of UFT New York Teacher. The "Back to School" section "Mr. Fry Teaches a Lesson". It's an article about the play.

Thanks again for your support and I look forward to hanging out with you after the show if you care to join my friends and me.


A few of us are going on Wed. Aug. 20, 9:15 pm and may hang out with Jack afterwards - if it's not past my bedtime. Let me know if you will join us.

You can order tickets online, or buy them at Fringe Central (201 Mulberry St.) or at the box office 15 minutes before the show.

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