Friday, August 8, 2008

Fringe NYC Opening Day Today

Volunteeering at the Fringe Festival is one of my favorite activities. Hundreds of shows downtown, all for $15 a piece. Get a free ticket for each 2 hours you give them. A lot of fun meeting profesional and amateur performers from around the nation. And you can see a bunch of shows each day.

In This Issue: OPENING DAY!
FringeNYC BENEFITS! 8 cent beer TODAY!
FringeNYC BENEFITS! A truly "Fringetastic" offer from!

FringeNYC Benefits! Buy our stuff!

FringeNYC BENEFITS! 8 cent beer TODAY!
FringeNYC brings you exclusive benefits and special offers through our partners at

Enjoy 8-cent beer TODAY at Wicked Willy's on 149 Bleeker Street in Greenwich Village! It's not a typo, that's really Miller beer for 8 cents each!

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FringeNYC BENEFITS! A truly "Fringetastic" offer from!
Join Theatermania's Gold Club and SAVE 10% PLUS receive a pair of tickets to [title of show]!

[title of show] kicks off the new Broadway season. This original musical is written by Jeff Bowen and Hunter Bell and directed by Michael Beresse. [title of show] on Broadway stars the musical's original cast -- Jeff Bowen, Hunter Bell, Susan Blackwell, Heidi Blickenstaff and musical director Larry Pressgrove.

AND - for each new member who joins The Gold Club in August, Theatermania will make a contribution in support of FringeNYC!

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FringeNYC Benefits! Buy our stuff!
All of the beautiful furniture at FringeCENTRAL has been donated by CB2 - a new destination from Crate and Barrel that dials up the fun. Smart designs, clever materials. Neat stuff, cool colors. A unique mix of ever-changing modern furnishings, entertaining dinnerware and barware, and witty accessories. This year, through a special partnership, CB2 SoHo (451 Broadway) has donated all of the furnishings for FringeCENTRAL. FringeNYC patrons who visit FringeCENTRAL will be able purchase furnishings at an increasingly reduced rate and tag them for pick-up on Saturday, August 23rd OR take their chances and attending the "cash and carry" sale on Saturday, August 23rd and Sunday, August 24th. Why not come to FringeCENTRAL and pick up a program guide and test out our chairs, tables, bar stools, and couches?

FringeNYTeasers are to FringeNYC what trailers are to the movies. Can't decide which FringeNYC shows to see? Come check our our FringeNYTeasers - five minute excerpts of shows.

THIS WEEKEND - TEASERS at FringeCENTRAL: Watch a preview in our comfy cafe area and then buy your tickets on the spot!
Saturday, August 9th 12:30 - 2:00
Sunday, August 10th 12:30 - 2:00

LUNCHTIME TEASERS at FringeCENTRAL (the Brown Bag Series). Bring your lunch and enjoy some free entertainment!
Wednesday, August 13th 12:30 - 1:30
Thursday, August 14th 12:30 - 1:30
Friday, August 15th 12:30 - 1:30

FringeAL FRESCO Teasers at South Street Seaport: Have some fun in the sun and get a sneak peek at the shows that are a part of FringeNYC!
Sunday, August 10th 3pm - 5pm
Saturday, August 16th 3pm - 5pm
Sunday, August 17th 3pm - 5pm

Thank you for your support of FringeNYC!

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