Sunday, August 3, 2008

Joel Klein and Michael Bloomberg Raise Civil Rights to New Heights

NYCDOE Civil rights Agenda Vaporized by Anti-Matter

From Ed Notes News:

The BloomKlein administration has explained the drop in the number of black teacher hires in the BloomKlein years from 27.2% in 2001/02 to 14.1% in 2006/7 (
from 1990 - 2002 when Bloomberg took over the city schools, it rose steadily from 16% - 27%) as a new surge in their struggle for civil rights. (See ednotes here and report from the black educator blog.)

"Every black teacher we keep from teaching in the city schools is a victory for civil rights," said a public relations spokesperson for Tweed. "We're protecting them from abusive principals who graduate from the Leadership Academy. How responsible would we be if we let them walk into schools run by these ogres? Thousands of potential black teachers have been saved from cruel and unusual punishment. To not have reduced the black hires in half, it would be like reversing the emancipation proclamation and returning them to slavery. Or at the least, indentured servants, as so many of the teachers have been complaining about."

Klein's buddy John McCain agreed with the principle - keeping Obama out of white house is a civil rights issue of our time. "Did you see what crap G.W Bush looks like after 8 years," said a spokesperson? "We know Black Americans have greater health issues than whites and protecting Obama's health is a civil rights issue."

Bloomklein defend widening of achievement gap
Eduwonkette reported:

"On New York State Tests, A Growing Achievement Gap Between White/Asian and Black/Hispanic New York City Students

The achievement gap in New York City has increased in the last five years, and the decreases in the achievement gap in grade 8 ELA have come at the expense of white and Asian students.

Coupled with my
analyses of NAEP achievement gaps - which also showed no progress and in some cases growing gaps - these findings are quite troubling."

"Another victory for civil rights," said Tweed. When asked to explain, the response was, "We run everything and don't have to tell you anything. Go FOIL it."

"What about the fact that NYC schools seem to be more segregated than when you took over the schools," an ENN reporter asked?

"Civil rights, civil right, civil rights. FOIL, FOIL, FOIL," was the response as the phone was slammed down.

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  1. How about teacher rights? Oh, I forgot in this administration we have none.


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