Friday, August 29, 2008

Parking Rule Comments - Will UFT Staffers get Priority?

From random comments on ICE-mail. Note the assumption that union bigwigs will get priority passes. Now one wouldn't necessarily object if they didn't misuse their positions to attack critics. But they do.

The city will issue at least 1,000 additional placards for those who work in more than one school. I wonder how many of the 1000 placards will go to Unity people visiting schools as district reps or itinerants?
I'm sure my district rep, who came to my school today, will get one. He told us what a good job the union did by not allowing the city to cut the number of parking spaces. He explained that Bloomberg did it as retaliation against the union (probably true). He also told our excessed paras that they had nothing to worry about. He explained that paras and teachers enjoy being excessed because they can just sit around the school having fun.
Many Unity people who are out of the classroom, used the uft positions to escape. They have no idea that so many of us entered this profession to teach, to be in the classroom, to develop relationships with kids, to have an impact on their lives, and we are pretty proud of the work we do despite the odds. That is why out of classroom Unity people don't care about parking placards, letters to file, autocratic principals and the rubber room. If they were effected, there would be one helluva fightback and no spin.

It seems to me that parking permits will be divvied up according to the pecking order in the school. Teachers in the click will get them. The principals spies will get them. Unity collaborators will get them. The hard working staff who earn their pay every day will have to park down the street and have to move their cars for alternate side. I'm sure BloomKlein will issue a regulation prohibiting teachers from leaving the school in-order to move their car for alternate side. This stupid rule will not cut down on green house gasses or encourage teachers to use mass transit. Except for teachers in certain parts of Manhattan all this dumb regulation will do is force teachers to park down the street from their schools and increase parking fines. This is nothing more that a punishment against teachers. I propose that Chancellor Klein
should be made to give up his park anywhere parking permit as an example to everyone.

A resolution needs to be issued by ICE calling on Randi to give up her "park anywhere" DOT parking permit as a show of solidarity with teachers who are loosing theirs.

Ed Note: Randi and Joel don't need permits - their chauffers just wait in the car. And do you think they have to worry about paying a parking ticket?


Anonymous said...

I know of at least 1 district representative who does not own a car, so at least 1 hack will not need a permit. Maybe their are more in this category. I bet you cannot guess which DR does not own or drive a car??????

Anonymous said...

Clue- a long time Big DR....

Anonymous said...

1. For the millionth time - why don't teachers walk the hell out of their buildings and stop consenting to being tormented?

2. Why do so many teachers, including the writer of the piece to which I am responding, CATEGORICALLY REFUSE TO LEARN TO SPELL AND LEARN TO CORRECTLY USE THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE?

So very much of what has gone horribly wrong in this country is connected to lack of ability to think, reason, use language intelligently and effectively.

Why don't any of you accept and deal with that fact? Is lazy partial illiteracy and lack of clear thinking preferable?

So sorry! I guess no one cares a damn about their inability to express themselves with any semblance of intelligence so long as they can simply put their thoughts out there!


A Silly Superannuated Intellectual Dinosaur From The Dark Ages of American Literacy

Anonymous said...

For the millionth time, stop reading this crap if you are so bothered by it. Did someone put a gun to your head?

Under Assault said...

None of us who care about this blog and don't want it to ever stop know that it's written by someone with 35 years of union/teaching experience and about 12 more things lined up in his brain to write about at any given moment. The only thing we care about is content, perspective, wit, and the occasional bit of total lunacy.

As for grammar, typos and typeface, just suspend what you expect from the English language like the rest of us. The guy keeps delivering the goods.

Who are you suggesting to walk out in great numbers, the teachers-in-training they've allowed to flood the system with that don't have tenure? I blame Weingarten for this, for letting it get this far.

Under Assault said...

Yeah, I know I had mistakes in the last comment. Live with it.

ed notes online said...

Thanks for the comment woodlass. I am not one who thinks western civilization will fall for the want of a comma. But I should point out that nothing in the above post was written by me but were comments culled from ICE-mail by 3 or 4 different people, some sending from Backberries where writing full sentences is not always easy.

Actually, there is more danger to western civilization by people who go off with half cocked comments yet don't read what they are commenting about carefully.

And those who rail against others who don't walk out yet themselves remain anonymous somehow seems somewhat ironic.

PS: I know I must have violated tons of rules here- wait - the grammar and spelling (or is it grammer) police are at my door.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:35. Comment wins nobel prize for lit