Sunday, November 9, 2008

Anti WASL Wins as Washington Education Superintendent

Juanita Doyon, a leader of the anti-high stakes testing movement in Washington State, founder of Mothers Against WASL (the state test), and author of Not with Our Kids You Don’t!: Ten Strategies to Save Our Schools, sent this good news:

We're celebrating here!! Big time!!!!!! Randy Dorn has been in touch throughout his campaign and is listening to our concerns. His speeches and debate responses were deja vu to my own campaign. He understands the pitfalls of high-stakes testing and the need for viable alternatives.

Juanita ran against Terry Bergeson, Dorn's opponent, a few years ago, so her celebration is well-deserved. I met Juanita at the ACT Now conference a bunch of test resisters from around the nation attended in Birmingham, AL back in March 2003. Juanita, whose buttons are featured on our side panel on the right, recently sent over 5000 anti testing buttons to the LA Teachers Union.

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