Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thousands join march over school class sizes....

....read a recent headline.

No. This is not in New York City.

Or anywhere in the USA...
.....where teacher unions are more concerned with collaboration on schemes like merit pay and modifying teacher tenure (see one Randi Weingarten speech to the National Press Club on Monday Nov. 17 - we'll be posting these pearls of wisdom later) than in organizing to reduce class size. (Watch them tell us how this is not going to happen with all those billions reserved for bailouts.)

Fred Klonsky had some thoughts about what union leaders are thinking when Ken Swanson, head of the Illinois Education Association referred to Michelle Rhee as "an agent of change" rather than a union buster. "Shouldn't our union leadership be able to tell the difference," Fred asks?

Ok, give up? Why it was in Ireland where they marched to protest budget cuts.

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