Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jane Addams got a D

Dear Colleagues,

Yeah, [Jane] Addams got a D.
But the fix was in, right from the start, for us to "fail."

A closer look at the "report card" reveals:

1. Our "Student Performance" (success in graduating students, in four years) score: B
Honestly, what the hell else matters???

2. Our "Student Progress" score: F

Simplified- We didn't improve enough from the B in "Student Performance."

And in case you haven't noticed- the competency of the students admitted to Addams is not the same as it was just four years ago.

(No longer are students who really want to come to Addams routinely admitted.)

3. The group of 40 so-called "Peer Schools" to which Addams is being compared includes schools that are very different than ours.

Many of the 40 are newer "mini academies" - the replacement schools for schools that were previously closed down.

These schools have much smaller enrollments, and can, to a larger extent, "cherry pick" which students are admitted and which are rejected.

The dirty little secret is that many of these rejected students are sent to… Addams (and Truman)

Remember, the big money (Gates Foundation, Broad Foundation, et. al.) and its lackeys (Klein in NYC, Rhee in DC, et. al.) is on "proving" that "traditional" "big" schools (read: us!!!) don't work.

And - surprise, surprise - this report card does just that.

Hope y'all haven't already spent that $3,000 "bonus money" that we were never gonna get, but were conned into voting for - twice.

Solidarity forever (for the Union makes us strong)

A teacher at Jane Addams HS (the Bronx)

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