Monday, November 17, 2008

More on Detroit Union Elections: Steve Conn and Heather Miller Get Jobs Back

Both Steve Conn and Heather Miller recently go their jobs back after being fired for participating in a rally.

See for the press conference on the law suit.

Steve Conn was an activist in Teamsters Local 688 and Teamsters for a Democratic Union in St.Louis in the in the 1980's. He is now a supporter of the civil rights group BAMM and current candidate for President of the Detroit Teachers Union. He recently spoke on the panel on "Defense of Public Education in the USA" which was part of the AFT Peace And Justice Caucus events at the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO convention last July in Chicago.

So what's going on in Detroit with a slate of pro Green Dot so-called "reformers" (see post previous to this) and Steve Conn running in the Detroit teacher union elections? I'm efforting to get more info and will post an update attached to this post when I do.

And of course, there is the questions of whether there will still be a Detroit if the auto industry goes bust.

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