Sunday, November 2, 2008

ELL Students Deprived of Educational Opportunities in NYC Public Schools

Steve Koss writes to the NYC Education News listserve:
English Language Learner students, regardless of their non-English language talents, are virtually excluded from access to NYC's nine specialized high schools.

The number of ELL students attending Stuyvesant HS according to their October 15, 2008 DOE register is 1 (out of a total of 3,250 students), at Bronx Science 1 (out of 2,816), at Brooklyn Tech 2 (out of 4,677), at Staten Island Tech 1 (out of 958), at H.S. of Science, Math, and Engineering at City College 1 (out of 452), at Queens H.S. for the Sciences at York College 0 (out of 404), at LaGuardia H.S. 6 (out of 2,507), at the H.S. of American Studies at Lehman College 0 (out of 346), and at Brooklyn Latin School 0 (out of 183).

In total, that puts a total of 12 ELL students (half of them at LaGuardia HS) in the City's specialized high schools out of 15,593 students, thereby representing just 0.077% of the students in those schools. At the six specialized high schools focusing on math, science, and/or engineering, it's just 6 students out of 12,557, an even more depressing 0.048%.

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