Monday, November 3, 2008

Ad Hoc ATRs To Attend UFT Exec. Board Tonight

Statement to UFT E-Board by Ad Hoc Committee to Support the ATRs

We have been given to understand that the Executive Board/Action Committee is considering having the ATR rally, voted on at the October Delegate Assembly, some time in late November or early December. This is too late. The RTR first year teachers (Teaching Fellows) are scheduled to be “terminated” on December 5. Anything in the first week of December would be too late to mobilize on their behalf, and scheduling a rally after the Thanksgiving break will mean we lose momentum in building for it.

The ad hoc committee to support ATRs has repeatedly offered to co-ordinate our efforts with the Action Committee, but has received no concrete proposal. We have requested previously that the rally be
scheduled outside the Department of Education headquarters at Tweed Courthouse between Election Day and Thanksgiving. In order to adequately build for it, we need a decision on a date NOW.

Ed Note: A reminder that the original motion presented by the Ad Hoc committee was rewritten by the UFT leadership to exclude the rally and the call for ATRs to be used immediately to reduce class size. It was passed by the Unity Caucus dominated E-Board on Oct. 14 These provisions were restored when John Powers' amendment was voted up at the Oct. 15 DA. Thus, the dragging of feet by the UFT is not surprising.

The large group of ATRs and RTRs in front of 52 Broadway with some press coverage had an impact as Randi could have easily set the Unity shock troops, who were waiting for her signal on how to vote, to turn Powers away. She waffled a bit but you could see the wheels turning as to how this would all play out. Knowing full well the UFT could control (and subvert?) the rally, the Emperor gave the "thumbs up" signal.

We reported on this in our Oct. 16 post.

Reminder: RTR Teaching Fellows will be meeting in front of Tweed Wed. Nov. 5 at 4:15. Many have given up on expecting help from the UFT, which has not made public any of the details of the grievance they supposedly filed for them. Teachers who wish to join them to show support.

The ICE Meeting this Friday (4:30) at Murray Bergtraum HS will discuss the ATR, RTR situation and other issues (see sidebar for agenda and details.) ICE meetings are open so come on down.

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