Monday, November 24, 2008

Children Who Live in Public Housing Suffer in School

Where's the accountability?

The NY Times reports today on a study showing that "children in public housing perform worse in school than students who live in other types of housing even if they go to the same schools."They are "more likely to drop out of high school and less likely to graduate in four years than those who do not live in public housing.... fifth graders living in public housing did worse on standardized math and reading tests than fifth graders who lived elsewhere. Researchers found this disparity in fifth-grade test scores even when comparing students at the same school who shared similar demographics, like race, gender and poverty status."

Hmmm. With the city of New York being the landlord, shouldn't the accountability freaks in the world of BloomKlein jump all over this and fire all the housing execs? You, know you just can't find enough quality people to run public housing, which in their world (no quality teachers, no lower class sizes) should mean we have to shutter all the housing until the quality of the people running them improves.

Well, I guess only teachers and schools are held accountable. Even when studies show otherwise.

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