Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Keep Pave Academy Charter School at PS 15 to the 2 Year agreement

GEM met with a large group of teachers from PS 15 last week and they are a wonderful group of passionate and commited educators.

We find that many charters worm their way in by claiming they are looking for space, when in reality their goal is to steal the top kids and push out the public school and take over the building. Hey! Free is better than paying rent. The DOE cooperates fully in this process.

From our friends at PS 15 where PAVE Academy wants to break their agreement to leave after 2 years.

Please take a look at this petition.
All we are asking is the charter school to stick to their agreement...that is all.
Please keep forwarding this ... we need a lot of help.


There is a request for a donation not by PS 15 but by the petition web site. You do not have to donate if you don't want.


Foxwood said...

Buy American when you can, but there are things you need to know about unions.

KitchenSink said...

Your comments about charter schools are very divisive. There are good, hardworking educators who are teaching in, starting and running charter schools. You're dismissing a whole group of people who are contributing hard work to the mission of educating our city's kids with a wave of the hand and, frankly, an irresponsibly and offensive assumption.

You have so much to offer, but you will marginalize yourself more and more if you continue to try to use a steamroller when a paintbrush will make your argument just fine. (And that can certainly be said of many charter operators, too!)

Under Assault said...

I don't trust people "on a mission" anywhere near children.

It's not Ednotes dismissing anything with "a wave of a hand."

It's the entire pre-fab movement of ed deform that looks for easy answers in test scores, unionbusting and non-union labor, and thinking they have something special when what they have boils down to smaller classes, admission selection and de-selection (that's when a kid doesn't work out), more supplies and better facilities.

Give all this to any other school and you'll get quality education just the same. And if you untie the hands of veteran educators who know what they're doing and are in it for the long run, you'll really get your money's worth.