Saturday, July 25, 2009

NY State Senators Speak at July 23 City Hall Press Conference

State Senator Eric Adams from Brooklyn.
These guys are doing Bernie Madoff math in our schools.
Read my lips. We are not going to pass a bill that does not have parental involvement.

Sorry Eric, I think that's exactly what you did.

State Senator Bill Perkins from Manhattan and GEM teacher Brian Jones and PS 123 parent Bill Hargraves

Perkins: The Mayor has stepped on the third rail. He has stepped on the parents. And when you step on the third rail - psssssss! Teachers need a voice.

Jones: teachers refuse go be divided from the parents. We are seeing the destruction of public education. We want to do experimentation too. We want to experiment with lower class size.

Hargraves: We have to let them know the power is in the people.

State Senator Shirley Huntley

State Senator Carl Kruger

We have left out Espada and Monserrate for obvious reasons.

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