Sunday, July 19, 2009

Press Conf Today at City Hall to Congratulate State Senators

Some things I just don't get. There will be a press conference today on the steps of city hall sponsored by the senators who voted for the best of the mayoral control bills offered, but not a great one. This press conference is about supporting a set of fairly mild tweaks on mayoral control. No one involved wants to end it.

These senators do need some support since the Bloomberg gestapo are making robo calls to their constituents to turn the population against them. So if only for that, I'm all for this press conference as a way to fight the Bloomberg machine.

Generally, I'm not for wasting time organizing or catering to politicians. Let them play in their playpen. I'm not saying ignore politicians, but let's not cater to the least offensive.

I spoke to an aide from Bill Perkins' office last week at the PS 123 demo and Lynch also doesn't oppose mayoral control but seems open to listening. I like what he is doing this week with demos and meetings all week in Harlem on the charter school issue, culminating in an action at Tweed on Thursday (see sidebar.) He is tailing a movement that got started without politicians, but he is trying to take some leadership. Charles and Inez Barron have also been taking strong positions opposing mayoral control. And Tony Avella is garnering more and more support from teachers in his campaign for mayor.

This is a sign that if people start taking action, politicians will jump on board. It all depends on the numbers and organization. Build it and they will come. The question I still have: Do we really care if they do or don't? Their involvment will often lead to subversion as people look to them for solutions. The solutions lie with a movement of rank and file parents and teachers that can build credibility to force policians to act in their interests.

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