Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stringer and Avella Speak at PS 123 Protest of Harlem Success Takeover Attempt

July 10, 2009
Stringer speaks before entering the school on a tour. See the follow-up video of what he has to say when he comes out. Avella as usual says good stuff.
The Master of Ceremonies is William Hargraves, an former parent at the school. The wonderful GEM crew came out on very short notice and did some notable chanting (still to come in upcoming video.)

See previous ed notes reports:
Angel Gonzalez and George Schmidt at PS 123 Protest of Harlem Success Takeover Take 2 - July 10, 2009

Rally Fri July 10 as DOE Rules In Favor of Harlem Success Academy Charter School taking over more space at PS 123!

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M.A.B. said...

Did I hear Stringer say "We're going to make it very clear to the charter school, you are not going to come in here and take over Harlem public schools without making sure that there is a transparent and open process." It sounds as if Stringer is endorsing the take over of public schools by charter schools as long as there is a transparent and open process. Mr. Stringer passed up the chance to speak firmly in defense of public schools that are being destabilized in Harlem through the proliferation of charter schools. He is riding the fence here. A transparent and open process may make it difficult for Klein to hide his corrupt and destructive practices, but it will not make it impossible. Charter schools should not be receiving public space or public funds. They only educate lottery winners, while filtering out expensive students and families that are not blindly cooperative. It’s time to stop funding and giving space to any school that excludes even one student for the benefit of better results. Schools that do the hard work of educating all members of a community deserve our tax dollars, not the schools that exclusively educate lottery winners.