Thursday, July 16, 2009

Arne and Randi Get Out the Collaborationist Shovel

See video of an exchange at QUEST between the U.S. education secretary and AFT members on educational issues, with Randi Weingarten moderating.

Note the format allows Arne to pontificate without follow-up.

Remember, Arne's Chicago school system fires ATRs after one year. And after 14 years of market-based mayoral control in Chicago, the Chicago Teachers Union Unity-like collaborators have left the union in shambles.

Randi's follow-up speech about the financial meltdown is the upmost in hypocrisy as she accepted the "there's no money to reduce class size" argument while a few blocks away from UFT HQ, Wall street was getting trillion dollar bail-outs.

Note how often the term "collaboration" is used.

Here is part of the Wikipedia entry:

Since the Second World War the term "Collaboration" acquired a very negative meaning as referring to persons and groups which help a foreign occupier of their country—due to actual use by people in European countries who worked with and for the Nazi German occupiers. Linguistically, "collaboration" implies more or less equal partners who work together—which is obviously not the case when one party is an army of occupation and the other are people of the occupied country living under the power of this army. In order to make a distinction, the more specific term Collaborationism is often used for this phenomenon of collaboration with an occupying army.

YEP! That just about says it. The UFT/AFT/Unity Caucus in face of the army occupying our public schools has chosen collaboration in the most negative sense. Just as in France and other parts of Europe in WWII, a tiny resistance to both the corporate invaders and the collaborator unions has begun to spring up. (More on the resistance in NYC and nationally in upcoming posts.)

Thanks to Hugh, who can be seen at around minute 12 asking a question, for the tip.

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