Saturday, July 4, 2009

David (Bellel) Does Tony (Avella)

Our ICE/GEM spies at the mayoral candidate forum the other day came away pretty impressed with Tony Avella. Some guy named David (he is ubiquitous) did a tape. NY Times article here.


  1. I've written to Avella to let us know of any ed forums, press conferences, or events we could attend.

    I also heard that he gets matching contributions 6:1, in case anyone wants to throw him some bucks. Magnified six times.

  2. I've dealt with Tony a fair amount through my work. I've found him to be extraordinarily committed, honest and ethical, especially for a politician. I've spoken to him a few times about educational issues, and I think he's as genuinely outraged at the BloomKlein mess as most people I know. I'm glad to see him finally getting some press coverage. His race seemed somewhat quixotic from the start, but he could actually end up being a viable alternative to Thompson if he can garner enough coverage and get better known outside his home district.

  3. FIRE JOEL KLEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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