Thursday, July 30, 2009

PS 123 & Harlem Success Academy: More Equal than Others

"PS 123 has gone from an F-rated school to a B-rated school, and you’d think that would merit some encouragement from the Department of Education. You’d be mistaken. Rather than expand upon the progress they’ve made, the building that houses PS 123 has become a civics lesson for all who teach and study there—a newly designed two-tier education system. 55 years ago, Brown v. Board of Education stated, “separate educational facilities are inherently unequal.” At PS 123, separate educational facilities can be found within the same school building."

Arthur Goldstein at Gotham Schools

Read this superb piece: More Equal than Others


  1. Harlem Success only admits Kindergarten, First and Second grade students. Citywide tests are not administered until 3rd grade in NYC. I'm not sure what list of students you are talking about, but if they already have grades in citywide tests, they are not applying to Harlem Success!


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